G2ST Super

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Introduction of super tweeter speaker

G2ST is an super tweeter speaker with prominent performance and excellent expression. Its release not only shows Aurum Cantus continuous innovation ability and strong technology capability in this field, but also make it become the only aluminium ribbon tweeter speaker, which has 10 types output functions in the world.

G2ST has been designed uniquely, and its precise crossover is well designed. The crossover has two crossover point 10kHz, 16kHz, and 10 kinds sensitivity output. At the condition of 10kHz, the optional outputs are 89dB, 90.5dB, 92dB, 93.5dB and 95dB; at the condition of 16kHz, the optional output is 91dB, 92.5dB, 94dB, 95.5dB and 97dB. Usually, we recommend set crossover point of G2ST on 16kHz, and then determine the output at the best condition according to the sensitivity of the matched speaker.

G2ST can be perfectly matched with any speaker whose output is among 86-96dB, it is very simple to operate and use. Firstly, we put it on the top of the matched speaker, connect the high quality cable in parallel with the terminals of the speaker, and then we can easily confirm the best crossover point and the best output by adjusting the two switches on the rear panel, getting G2ST integrated with its matched speaker.



  • Frequency range(two options):10kHz-40kHz, 16kHz-40kHz.
  • Crossover frequency10kHz/16kHz (converted by switch)
  • Sensitivity:Crossover Point 10kHz,0=92dB (gain+/-3Db)     Crossover Point 16kHz,0=94dB (gain+/-3dB)
  • Impedance:Crossover Point 10kHz,0=14 ohm (minimum)    Crossover Point 16kHz,0=31 ohm (minimum)
  • Rated power:120W
  • Crossover parts:Germany M-Cap capacitors,OFC inductors and metal oxide film resistors of military industrial standard.
  • Inner connective cable:Teflon insulated OCC cable.
  • Cabinet material:MDF
  • Finish:Piano paint
  • Dimensions (HWD):160mm×114mm×183mm(6.30"×4.49"×7.20")。
  • Net weight:2.3kg/pc(5lb).

OWNER'S MANUAL: Introduction of G2ST
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