APR series

Release time:2018-06-05 17:27:25

Aluminum Ribbon Tweeter

The real, natural and attractive sound. 

 It has not been difficult today to develop and make the first class aluminum ribbon tweeters with relative low price because the high technology enables this old invention to irradiate new life and vigour.
  People had been conquered by their power to play graceful sound since the aluminum ribbon tweeter was born. Therefore aluminum ribbon tweeters are adopted in Hi-End loudspeakers. 

 Why do aluminum ribbon tweeters have such strong attracting force to manufacturers and audio fans?In brief, it overcomes many shortcomings and pities of the dome and the cone tweeter, so they have got very good technology quality and perfect sound quality.


  Dome and cone tweeters belong to electro-dynamic loudspeakers together with the aluminum ribbon tweeter, but the difference is that the diaphragm and the voice coil of the formers are two separate parts. While they are working with magnet system, firstly the voice coil with signal cuts the magnetic line of force to create the driving force, and then drive the diaphragm to move forward and back. Owning to this working principle and structure, the amplitude-frequency characteristics and phase-frequency characteristic are not perfect,the frequency response can not be enough wide, the sensitivity is restrained, the distortion is comparatively big and the transient characteristic is not good…… Although the aluminum ribbon tweeter also needs magnet, it combines the voice coil with the diaphragm cleverly; that is,the aluminum ribbon is acted as the combination of the voice coil and the diaphragm altogether, and the diaphragm between the magnetic gaps is instigated fully and directly, so almost no any energy losses in the process from electrical to mechanical, the mass of the aluminum ribbon diaphragm is comparatively light ─ the diaphragm can not only be driven easily but also be controlled well. Acting force has no phase differences, transform efficiency is high,the frequency response is wide, the distortion is small and the transient characteristic is good…….
  As the high frequency transducer and radiator of the loudspeakers, the aluminum ribbon tweeter has the overall and good physical technology properties. The related transient characteristic is very good in relation with wide frequency response and small distortion. Not only the sine wave responses very nice─ appears the waveform reverting ability of the high-fidelity,but also the reaction is prompt for the changeful music signal, specially for percussion and plucked strings music, the aluminum ribbon tweeter can fully show the impulse characteristic. In the square wave and tone burst measurements, the wave-front follows well and the decay has no any delay. It can be said with the important performance of “high resolution”. Furthermore, the overtone is rich, stirring, exquisite, tender and smooth, and the directivity in front horizontal of radiating main axis is good ─ that is to say, radiation angle is broad and radiation is symmetrical, and so on.

 Aluminum ribbon tweeter is composed of diaphragm, magnet system, transformer and other important parts. At present, G series and APR series aluminum ribbon tweeters of Aurum Cantus use two different kinds of diaphragm structures. G series use the draped diaphragm and APR series use the planar hexangular honeycomb diaphragm. Both of them are hand-made with care by aluminum foil. U-shaped magnet system is one of the characteristics of Aurum Cantus aluminum ribbon tweeter. This special magnet system not only makes the B value between the magnetic gaps up to 5000-6000 gauss, but also can prevent flux leakage. It is very important to match a precise transformer because the impedance of full load current of the diaphragm is very small. Lastly, we strongly recommend not doing the full audio frequency range measurement because doing that will damage the diaphragm of the aluminum ribbon tweeter easily. Therefore, we suggest you could use a special filter to decrease low frequency signal if you really want to do tests.